What do firemen, cabin crew, students & yummy mummies all have in common?

wine group

No, this isn’t one of our silly jokes. The answer is, they are just some of the people round town who join together to make their wine in groups. We thought we’d write a little bit this month as they are some of the fun and fascinating customers we have here at the shop.

There are two main reasons people decide to gather their friends, neighbours and colleagues together to form a wine group: the “Buy 5” and choice. As many are already aware, Wineworks is the only winery in town that when you by 5 batches of wine at once you receive a sixth batch for free. That’s one hundred and eighty bottles for the price of one hundred and fifty bottles, a deep discount available all year long. And six batches of wine mean you can chose up to six varietals.

Renee from the Moms Who Wine group tells a common story we hear “We are a bunch of friends who seem to need our glass of wine in the evening at this time of our lives, one of us was already making wine at Wineworks and knew about the Buy 5 so she brought us all in. The first couple of years we had fun trying a lot of different wines. We discussed what we wanted to make as a group and of course we had a good time trying them at our “wine tastings” a.k.a. our Whining and Wine-ing Nights. Now we pretty much know what we like so it’s more about getting our stocks organized for different seasons; our group really likes to have a lot of sparkling wine ready for the holidays so we remind each other of this for our fall orders. It’s cost saving from the start because of getting a whole free batch of wine, but also because one of us is always on task to remind us to get batches started so we only ever run low, never out. We share the discount between the five of us, each getting 36 bottles.”

This is slightly different set up from the Leenders, a three generation family wine group. “I organize and coral the proceedings” laughs Theo Leenders Sr. “so I end up with fuller crates; maybe it’s because they don’t dare take away Grandpa’s wine! My son and I started doing this ten years ago, and now my granddaughter and son-in-law have joined us” The Leenders family’s house wine is the Italian Barolo so twice a year, three batches get put in barrels for aging and three batches are made for ready drinking year round. Take note, if you are visiting the Leenders family, make sure you B.Y.O.W.W they are serious ‘red heads’!

And, there is probably a third reason people like to form wine groups, as evidence by the level of laughter when the Mom’s Who Wine come in “You should hear us gals laughing when we get together! You guys make us welcome- Carolyn is a riot and we feel like she’s part of our gang. It’s an activity that brings us all together every couple of months for bottling; we make a night of it.”

If you are thinking about forming a group or you are missing a couple of people to fill things out do check in with us. A couple of our groups even started up from putting an ad on craigslist to find like minded new wine friends. We have our ear to the ground on what’s happening in existing groups, or new people in the ‘trying phase’ and up for forming a group so do come in for a chat. Wine, it seems, has a way of bringing us all together.

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